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Jun 16

The Spicy & Enticing World of Mexican Cuisine!

Mexican cuisine, known for its bold tastes and attractive colors, is a regional cuisine with both modern and ancient traditions. While many world cultures lacked ingredients commonly used today due to the unknown New World, Mexican cuisine has a rich tradition when it comes to using modern food staples such as corn and tomatoes. Since …

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May 15

A Delicious Lunch at Something’s Fishy!

Last week my husand and I met my in-laws at Something’s Fishy in Woodland Hills for lunch.  Something’s Fishy has an extensive list of rolls and some of them are even half price!  The four of us shared the all following dishes and left presently stuffed. First, we ordered the Albacore Sashimi.  The fish was fresh and …

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Apr 24

Chef Bio: Tom Colicchio

Tom Colicchio spent much of his formative years in the kitchen, cooking with his grandmother and mother in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where he was born in August 1962. But, it wasn’t until his father encouraged him to become a chef that the self-trained cook, who specializes in American cuisine, decided to pursue cooking as a …

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Apr 21

Chef Bio: Masaharu Morimoto

Chef Masaharu Morimoto spent the first 30 years of his life in his native Hiroshima, Japan, where he perfected the art of sushi, first training under Japanese chefs before opening his own restaurant which he successfully ran for five years. But, in 1985, Morimoto turned 30 and made the move to New York City.  He …

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Apr 19

Chef Bio: Roy Yamaguchi

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, celebrity chef Roy Yamaguchi often visited his grandparents on the island of Maui in Hawaii, where he cultivated a love of Hawaiian food. He translated that love into a celebrated culinary career, attending the Culinary Institute of America and graduating when he was only 19 years old. Known for …

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Apr 17

Chef Bio: Nigella Lawson

Hailing from a prominent family – her father Nigel Lawson served in Margaret Thatcher’s government – Nigella Lawson was born in London in 1960. Unlike most chefs who started their culinary careers early in their lives, Lawson started as a journalist and would later become a celebrated food writer and television host. In addition to …

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Apr 17

A Delicious Tasting at Devo Olive Oil Co.

A couple months back my husband and I decided to take a trip to Branson Missouri.  Little did we know Branson really is like Las Vegas for Ned Flanders – lots of gospel music, antique shops and country fried food – not our style!  One cool thing about that trip though was our discovery of Devo Olive …

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